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What is Tenavolts?

Tenavolts is the new generation of lithium rechargeable battery. It connects the advanced lithium technology and household battery market. It is supported by the battery industry expert, Nanfu, which stays the leader in China’s market. It is developed to concur the traditional rechargeable AA battery deficits: longer charging time, unstable output and insufficient usage life.


Who is Nanfu?

Nanfu, covered in many global battery industry reports, is one of the top leaders in various battery segments.


What are the major features of Tenavolts?

Constant voltage output at 1.5 voltage, quick charging time in 2 hours, and sufficient recharging times at 1,000 cycles. Besides the Tenavolts battery, the custom travel-friendly charging case supports Micro-USB charge.


How can I benefit from the features of Tenavolts?

Looking for stable performance of high power demand device? Tenavolts is the answer. Tired of long waiting time for charging AA batteries? Tenavolts cuts the total time by 50%. Not enough using time after multiple battery usages? Tenavolts maintains high capacity levels after hundreds of recharging cycles.


How can I reach Tenavolts?

Any feedback related to Tenavolts is welcomed. Please contact us at Also, the direct message on social media is also being heard. Leave your message on Facebook @Tenavolts.